Lime Crime Velvetines

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Suedeberry & Utopia

So liquid lipsticks are having a bit of a moment right now and lime crimes velvetines appear to be ahead of the game.Usually i would link to where you could buy these but recently they where pulled from all UK retailers for some unknown reason but you can still buy them on the usa website.

I've used liquid to matte lipsticks in the past (namely the MUA range) and found that they didn't last long but you don't have that problems with the velvetines.I've worn these on nights out and I've only had to top them up once or twice and the colour pay off is incredibly intense.

Suedeberry is a beautiful matte coral red which would look stunning with a tan and Utopia is a vibrant orchid  that would be right up barbies street.

These retail at generally £14 a pop,which for the longevity and colour pay off is totally worth it.

Have you tried any of the velvetines range?