My Tattoos

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Bookworm by Nick at Oldtown Tattoo
Foot tattoo by Mark Murray
Little Lovers by Steph at Oldtown Tattoo
Cat Skull By Daryl Watson at Rock n Roll Tattoo Dundee
Ship by Just Jen at Den of Enquity 

I always get asked alot of questions about my tattoos,mainly where i got them done and who by so i thought i'd give you all a little run down of what adorns my body! sorry it gets a little picture heavy and i also forgot to take pictures of my hand tattoos.

I actually can't remember who done this but i was 18 and its awful! It needs fixed/covered asap.

Sink or Swim by Nick at Oldtown Tattoo

Rose by Mark Murray

Russian Doll By Mark Murray

Moth Locket by Daryl Watson at Rock n Roll Dundee
Anime me by Elfy
1958 by Mark Murray

Ship by Mark Murray

Hand Poked Snowflake by Sakura Avalon

Fight Off Your Demons by Kerry at Oldtown Tattoo

Crow Lady By Steph At Oldtown Tattoo

Who are you favourite tattooists?