OCC Lip Tars

12:00 Rachel brown 0 Comments

I love bright colours, so when i came across the OCC Collection i was over the moon!Vegan Make up company Obsessive compulsive cosmetics appear to have every colour under the sun in there various ranges along with matching lip pencils too boot.

Pool boy is a an aquatic blue from the plastic passion series.

Roller girl is vivid lavender purple also from the plastic passion series 

Pagan is a blackened purple from the unknown pleasures series

They all say matte on the tubes but i find they don't appear to dry completely matte but keep a little bit of shine.They last for ages and you only need a tiny drop for an intense colour.

I'd highly recommend these to anyone who likes to be a little more daring with there lipsticks.

Have you tried any of the OCC lip tars?