Game Review: The Walking Dead Season 2 ( Telltale Games)

12:39 Rachel brown 0 Comments

So I've decided instead of doing what I've watched weekly, i'm going to be doing reviews on whatever game or film I've watched that week so it keeps everything a little more fresh,

Kicking off this series is a game that i truly enjoyed from start to end.I finished the first season sometime last year and I've honestly never played a game that pulled on my heart strings so much ( if you played the end of season one you'll understand) so i was dying to get my hands on season 2.The telltale games version of walking dead follows the journey of a little orphan girl called clementine in a post-zombie world ,and even though shes only a 11 don't let that fool you as that girl can fight her own.

The difference with the telltale games is that it's technically an interactive story which really works as the choices you make can change the outcome of the story-line.The game is based more on the comics than it is on the TV series but i'd still recommend it to those love either or both!

Season 2 i found wasn't as touching as season one, though you still have moments where you think you may need to make a grab for the Kleenex. With.With you being somewhat in control of the storyline and the outcomes, you do tend to become incredibly attached to certain characters.Although this isn't an action packed zombie game, it's still fantastic for those who enjoy a decent storyline with some intense moments.

I won't give to much away with what happens in this season but it picks up from the end of season one where you end up bumping into more survivors, an incident happens which forces the group north and with that move comes storylines involving the prison,a ski lodge,an old civil war museum and ends on a strange note back at the prison.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a game that you can really submerse yourself into or those who are a fan of the walking dead TV/comic book series.