How I Deal With My Anxiety

06:00 Rachel brown 0 Comments

Since i was around 16 years old I've dealt daily with my ongoing anxiety.This was generally made worse over the years by toxic relationships and friendships which caused me to end up with serious anxiety issues.My problems can range from me being uncomfortable in social situations, to me sitting on buses crying my eyes out because i have this horrible sense of doom (this has happened on more than one occasion).Over time I've kinda learnt small ways to deal with the bad days so i thought I'd share some with you all.

  • Take a nap- this is my favourite one as i tend to nod off and forget what i was worrying about.
  • Have something to fidget with- I wear two hair bobbles on my wrist if i need something to distract myself.
  • Have a bath-Sometimes there is nothing better than a nice big bath with a lush bath bomb
  • Play a game- Not to everyone tastes but i find immersing myself in a different world really helps me relax.
  • Talk to someone-When things are really getting on top of me,i have certain people i know i can turn too if i need advise or just a shoulder to cry on.
  • Take up a hobby-I took up cross stitching, as i found focusing on the one project very therapeutic.
  • Watch a film-I have a series of films i turn to whenever i need to escape, Disney films or the harry potter box set is a sure winner for this.
  • Go a walk-Sometimes i find popping in my headphones and walking on my own for half an hour or so really clears my head.
  • Pamper yourself-Put on a face mask, order takeaway, do your nails and watch a brand new box set and you'll feel right as rain.

This is only a few ways that i feel i can deal with my anxiety day to day as well as making sure i eat well,exercise and take my medication regularly.I hope  this helps anyone dealing with anxiety and depression.