The best horror movies currently on netflix (Part One)

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I love talking about films (especially horrors) so i thought I'd go through Paste magazines current top 60 best horror films and review them.I'll be doing this is in parts every Monday for the next few weeks and i hope you enjoy something a little different from the normal beauty reviews.

60.Zombeavers-One of those utterly ridiculous yet stupidly good fun films.This one is about mutated zombie beavers terrorising a group of teenagers and hilarity ensues.

59.Dark skies- This has the potential to be quite a good film about alien abductions yet fell massively short.Slightly confusing and hard to get into but still watchable.

58.The ABC's of Death-This is made up of 26 horror shorts by various directors.Some are fantastic and some are just plain bizarre but i really enjoyed seeing a nice variation.

57.Dead Silence-A film about a ventriloquist and her creepy ass dolls, this is one of my all time favourite films even though it's not always met with rave reviews.

56.Dead Snow Red vs Dead-Having watched it's predecessor, i was looking forward to watching the second one.The film is about Nazi zombies and it's just fun,bloody and over the top.Just how every zombie should be.

55.The Awakening-In all honesty i struggled to get into this film as it was just another standard ghost story in an old house.

54.Proxy-This is not a film for the chicken hearted, it made me incredibly uncomfortable in the beginning and made it hard to watch.A film about stalking and motherhood, it makes you squirm and feel on edge the entire time.

53.A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Nightmare-A fun but bizarre film (the budgie scene for crying out loud) it may not be the best nightmare on elm street but it's still good in its own right.

52.Dust Devil-I got 10 minutes into this and had to turn it off as it was incredibly boring and really strange horror western.

51.Children Of The Corn-I've loved Stephen King since I was wee, and yet weirdly I hadn't watched this cult classic.Fantastic film but it's put me off children forever.

50.Stage Fright-A musical horror....I got to the first song and had to turn it off as it was making me cringe!