The Body Jewellery Shop

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The lovely folks over at the body jewellery shop sent over not just one but 3 different lips bars for me to try out! As someone who's had there philtrum pierced since i was 18, i'm always looking for new jewellery to try out and for those of you out there who don't have a face adorned with holes the body jewellery shop also have a fantastic range of ear piercing jewellery.First one i popped in was this clear internally threaded number.I've never had any internally threaded bars before but i had heard good things and now i think i am a convert! There incredibly comfortable and really dainty but they look beautiful in.

I was also sent this gorgeous pink jewelled labret stud which is perfect when wanting a change from the plain one.

I could not for the life of me get the ball off the bar so i wasn't able to try it in my lip but the jewel itself is beautiful and the bar looks small enough for it not be uncomfortable.

Have you tried the Body Jewellery Shop before?

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