Weigh in Wednesday

20:13 Rachel brown 0 Comments

SW:19st 2lbs
CW:18st 8lbs
GW:9st 10lbs
Weight lost:8lbs

So since last time i done a weigh in Wednesday I've lost just over half a stone! safe to say i'm pretty damn chuffed.This weeks been pretty good so far and I've already had my cheat day and its not caused me to put on any weight at all.In the next week i'd be pretty chuffed if i lose another 2lbs and i'm hoping to up my walking even more than I've already been doing.Oh and a big thanks to everyone who has been so supportive over my post about why i gained weight.It means the entire world to me that so many people really care about my weight and my health, i had no idea it'd get such a positive response.

Until next week!