What i've watched: Bones

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I, like so many others have a serious love affair with Netflix and finding the TV series bones on the American one just secured that loved that little bit more.American Netflix holds currently 9 seasons of the much loved TV series that follows the life and work of Temperance Brennan a forensic anthropologist and FBI Agent Seeley Booth.I originally started watching this because i kept catching the odd episode on sky but yet never sat down to watch it religiously but oh boy I'm glad i did! Over the 9 seasons i found myself getting super attached to all the characters (even Dr Sweets by the time i finished) and ended up crying more than i'd like too admit.I'd recommend this to anyone who loves anything to do with crime but also needs those light-hearted moments that come with a show like this.Now if Netflix could hurry up and give me season 10 that would be smashing!