Handbag Heroes

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I like to keep a nude lipstick in my small emergency make up bag, because i have a habit of having to go to various meetings super last minute! I find the MUA matte lipsticks a tiny bit drying, hense why i have the lip butter stashed in there too.

I actually keep this with me for when I've just got tattooed as i find this is perfect to put on when there healing.It's all natural and stops new tattoos drying out super fast.My mum also loves using this for her dry skin as it's that moisturising and soothing.

Who doesn't love to smell like fresh washing ?! I'm actually super tempted to buy the full version of this as i think it's beautiful! Small perfume testers are dead handy to have instead of carrying around a full size bottle in a already overstuffed bag.

I always seem to have some form of lip balm with me and currently it's this little number.I love the smell and how it makes my lips feel but it's a shame it leaves a sort of grey/blue tint to your lips that really isn't flattering.

Everything i own currently smells like this as I'm so obsessed with it! I have the body spray (which i use as a spray for my bed linen and curtains) and this little pot of solid perfume.I love how this smells so fresh and for me it's a little nostalgic as i have so many good memories attached to it.

What are your handbag heroes?

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