Do my tattoos stop me from getting jobs?

12:00 Rachel brown 0 Comments

I've wanted to be heavily tattooed since i was around about 10 when i seen someone for the first time with a sleeve but i was always told that i couldn't be visibly tattooed as I'd never get a job and I'd be a bum.Fast forward 14 years and I've got some pretty decent coverage which also includes highly visible areas like my hands and forearms and i can honestly say being tattooed has never held me back from getting the job i want.

I have worked for Police Scotland, Scottish Widows, Amazon as well as many other companies and bar the one company who asked me to wear long sleeves, i have had zero issues.Generally people tend to ask about them, rather than look down on me for them.Would i advise someone to run out and get there hands and neck tattooed because of my good experience in the work place? Well no.I am fully aware that i can be turned down for any job i go for due to having my fingers tattooed and i accepted those consequences when i got them done and I'm aware that i may have just been pretty lucky in what jobs I've went for.

I would advise anyone who wants to get there hands/neck tattooed to hold out until you're in permanent job and make sure with your employer if it's ok that you can go ahead and do so.They are called job stoppers for nothing folks!