Best Eyeliner Ever?!

08:17 Rachel brown 0 Comments

Last month my sister did a little sephora haul and bought me this beauty and to be honest I'm doing little happy dances inside because of it! I've wore my eye make up the same way for the last decade and a good black liquid eyeliner is key to it.I've tried every blogger favourite including the collection one that everyone swears by but nothing seemed to last all day or they weren't as black as i wanted them to be.

Then this little gem came into my life, it's pitch black, last all day and has the finest nib so i can do all the sassy winged eyeliner.It's a shame it's not exactly easy to get (the custom charges alone make me want to ugly cry) but it's worth it for how good my eyeliner now looks.I'm hoping to put in a sephora order soon and the tattoo liner will be going straight in my basket so i have a back up.I'm actually going to order some more of Kat Von D's make up line as so far I'm besotted with the eyeliner formulation as well as her liquid lipsticks.

Anyway I'm going to go eat dinner, as really how much can you say about a eyeliner before everyone takes a snooze ?!