20 Things That Only Admin Assistants Will Understand

06:00 Rachel brown 0 Comments

Because working in an office just isn't hard enough....

1.You get dead good at making coffees and teas.

2.You'll be become best friends with your office suppliers

3.And the people who fix the printer/fax machine.

4.You're responsible for everyone and there mothers schedules and getting it just right so they don't conflict is incredibly stress inducing and someone always complains.

5.People will ask you to do anything and everything (including booking hair appointments etc etc)

6.You end up spending hours rearranging your desk when it gets a little bit quite

7.Or you know, playing solitaire.

8.You'll end up making passive aggressive signs about the state of the kitchen.

9.You'll get dead good at fixing the printer yourself.

10.Everyone seems to steal all your stationery (it's like they don't know where the stationery is actually kept)

11.You get the fear every time the phone goes.

12.People occasionally see your wee head poke out from underneath the pile of paperwork that you have built around you.

13.And there is nothing more beautiful than finishing making that 150th booklet...

14.You're the only one who knows where they keep the biscuits for the meeting rooms and it's oh so tempting!

15.Every week the diet goes out the window as it's always someones birthday or someones leaving do.

16.Your entire hands are a mass of papers cuts and printer ink.

17.All you hear all day is the phone, the printer or the fax machine going.

18.To the point where if you don't hear it you get a little bit worried.

19.Doing the note taking at meetings and having zero idea what they are on about.

20.Realising that you're the office lackey and that you wouldn't have it any other way.