3 New Lipstick Loves

06:00 Rachel brown 0 Comments

I'm a well known addict of the lipstick kind, and the more out there the colour the better.Bright pinks,dark blues,violets and greys are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my lipstick collection but ill save that for another post.Anyway onto my 3 new favourites!

LA Girl Matte Lipstick in Poetic-Sooooo I've really wanted a grey lipstick for ages but Britain isn't exactly very good for out there lipstick choices but i came across a American brand called LA Girl while snooping instagram.To my utter joy they had poetic, which is the most beautiful dusty grey and the formulation of there lipsticks are lovely considering that they are quite cheap.I'm not sure how long the wearability is as i haven't had the chance to wear it out yet (seriously someone invite me on a night out) but so far so good!

Black Moon Cosmetics in Libra-A gift from my sister for my birthday this has became an everyday staple since.This is the most beautiful nude liquid lipstick, that doesn't dry out my lips, doesn't crumble and it smells like vanilla cupcakes! They tend to need a little top up around the 4 hour mark  if you're drinking but I've had so many compliments on the colour of this and I'm 100% ok in smothering my lips with anything that smells remotely like vanilla cakes.

Kat Von D in Vampira-I spoke about the Kat Von D liquid liner here but this time I'm going to talk about her liquid lipsticks.Yet another gift from my sister, this is what I'd describe as a deep red with a hint of gold when it dries, probably not an every day number for me but it's still the most beautiful shade of red.The wearability of these lipsticks are insane to the point that it's incredibly hard to take off with even the strongest of make up removers so it can really last through anything.My only problem with them is that the applicator is so bloody long, it makes a neat application that little bit harder.