Game Review: Fallout 4

06:00 Rachel brown 0 Comments

Those who know me pretty well will understand the utter excitement that went through me when this popped through my door two weeks ago, i even actually bought a ps4 for the soul purpose of playing this game.I've had a love affair with the fallout series since i got my mittens on fallout 3 so many years ago and after new Vegas, I've waited forever to play this.

It's now been two weeks since the game was released and sadly i haven't been able to put in as many hours as i would have liked too.Regardless of this fact, i genuinely think this game may over take my love for fallout 3.I won't give any of the storyline away nor any of the side missions you come across as i think part of the joy of fallout is finding all the things yourself but i will say that this time it's a lot harder than its predecessors.Radiation eats a way at  your health bar, you now have to deal with legendary characters (the first time i came across a legendary raider was both hilarious and soul destroying) and even the weather is out to kill you! but this has made it that little bit more challenging and that bit more fun.

Currently I'm only level 10 and haven't done near enough of the map as I'd like but I've learnt some lessons in the hours that i have put in.Like don't go swimming in the quarry if you don't have access to a doctor as it means that even the smallest mole rat will kill you and don't live in your power armour suit as it's clunky and you'll run out of battery power quicker than you think.

I'd recommend this to anyone who loves open world games, who love exploring absolutely everything and is quite willing to die every 10 minutes.

Also i should be streaming my remaining game play on twitch next week, follow my twitter for more info!